Heritage homes are a passion of mine and when the opportunity arises to take a peek inside, I’m there. Recently Great Houses of Ipswich opened three magnificent privately owned, heritage homes to the public.

The Ipswich Regional Branch of the National Trust of Australia, widely promotes Ipswich and its heritage and strengthens the relationship Queenslanders have with their past. The open homes event began in 2013 and to date has opened 24 privately-owned homes, showcasing the history and significant of Ipswich.

This year the homes open to the public were Fairy Knoll, Rockton and Arrochar. All three are very beautiful properties and today they are family homes which are individual in their architecture and interiors as the families that call them home.

Enjoy my post cards from our day exploring these beautiful Ipswich homes, remembering we were not permitted to take photos inside the house.

Keep an eye out for Brisbane Open House happening over the weekend of 13 and 14 October, in Brisbane.