We’re looking forward to the opening of the Greek Club’s new restaurant and bar, Nostimo, not only for the authentic food but also the cocktails with a twist and the first to be celebrated is The Pomegranate Mojito!

When Nostimo Restaurant & Bar opens in The Greek Club in mid-June, not only will it be the home of a refined, modern Greek menu created by the acclaimed Greek Chef, David Tsirekas (1821 in Sydney), it will also be home to an extensive cocktail list.

The first cocktail to be revealed at Nostimo is the Pomegranate Mojito.

Why a Pomegranate Mojito as the first cocktail to be revealed?  The pomegranate features throughout Ancient Greek mythology in both the story of Persephone and her marriage to Hades, and with the Aegean Triple Goddess, who evolved into the Greek goddess Hera. The fruit represents fertility in the Greek culture. At important festivals in the Greek Orthodox calendar it is customary to adorn the table with pomegranates (or ‘polysporia’ meaning ‘many-seeded’), on New Year’s Day it is traditional to break a pomegranate on the ground and on moving into a new home, guests traditionally bring pomegranates as a symbol of abundance.

The Pomegranate Mojito by Nostimo Restaurant & Bar

·                     45ml Pampero rum

·                     15ml Pama Liqueur

·                     ½ tsp Pomegranate seeds & 3mint leaves

·                     3 lime wedges

·                     30ml gomme (sugar syrup)

·                     Soda water

·                     Mint spear

·                     Pomegranate Seeds

Method: Muddle lime, ½ tsp pomegranate seeds, mint leaves, rum, gomme, and Pama. Add ice and shake, pour mixture including ice in the glass and top up with soda. Garnish with mint & sprinkle pomegranate seeds. Serve in a DBL old fashion glass.