Yungaba House – rare, beautiful and grand. This elegant, heritage listed riverfront property with strong ties to the history and development of Australia, has been lovingly refurbished and now you have the opportunity to own your own piece of history.

The name “Yungaba” derives from the Gubbi Gubbi Aboriginal language from the Maroochy area and means “place of sunshine”. Built in 1885, Yungaba House was originally designed as an immigration centre for people arriving in Australia. 

Immigrants arriving at Yungaba were provided with 14 days free accommodation and a pass to any part of the colony via rail. However when immigration numbers were low the building took on a number of uses.

In the early 1900’s Yungaba House was temporarily used as a reception centre for Australian soldiers returning from the Boar War as well as a wartime hospital for Australian troops and a centre for the provisions of food and clothing. 

During the 1930’s Yungaba was used as the base for the team working on the construction of Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge.  The site was used for accommodation, offices and drafting rooms with the grounds being turned into an industrial site with workshops and storehouses

By 1995 Yungaba was no longer used for immigration purposes and today in celebration of the multicultural heritage of the area the site is used by a variety of multicultural not for profit organisations.

In 2003 Frasers Property Australia purchased the Yungaba site which included Yungaba House and its heritage gardens and surrounding land from the State Government and thankfully Yungaba House is now protected by Queensland and Australian heritage laws.

Frasers Property are to be congratulated on the magnificent restoration of Yungaba House. They have completed the restoration process with a committed passion for craftsmanship and expertise returning this historical Brisbane building to a superb architectural icon. 

Enjoy my photos from Buccleuch, Residence Four at Yungaba House.

Rare and beautiful take the opportunity to own a piece of Yungaba House with the final lovingly refurbished riverfront heritage residences now available for sale.

Yungaba House – The Residences

Where – 110 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

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Telephone – 13 38 38