Ever since I was a little girl I have visited Toowoomba for their annual Carnival of Flowers.

During September the city of Toowoomba blooms with beautiful flowers and while my recent visit was not as leisurely as when I was younger, the beauty of the parks and gardens is as I always remember – spectacular. 

Queens Park looked particularly beautiful this year with garden beds overflowing with a mix of traditional blooms and exotic plants. Especially impressive were the orange Petunias, pink Tulips, variegated Violas and pretty Poppies all smiling in the glorious sunshine.

The Parterre Garden featuring low growing plants arranged in formal beds is reminiscent of an English or European garden making the young lady standing in the centre look right at home.

A short drive from Queens Park is Laurel Bank Park which has been planted with approximately 60,000 seedlings and 18,000 bulbs for this year’s Carnival of Flowers. The park is home to the stunning Wisteria chinensis arbour and walk – the sight and smell is incredible and the spring bulb display is definitely not to be missed. If you are planning a visit to Laurel Bank park look out for the meticulously planted themed garden display which is a sight to behold from the viewing platform.

Perhaps my visits over the years to the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers has created such an impression on me that my visits are the reason for my great love for flowers.

Enjoy my photos and I hope to inspire you too to visit the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers one year.