Friday flashback to vintage Brisbane of 1942 at Newstead House and the days of World War II when this historic Brisbane residence was home to the Photographic Detachment of the 832nd Signal Service Company of the American military.



Join Newstead House for a unique theatre experience as you are transported back in time to Brisbane during World War II. 

Take part in a thought provoking exploration of life at Newstead House during the World War II ‘American Invasion’ of Brisbane. From late 1942 through to the end of World War II, the iconic landmark of Newstead House was commandeered by the American military
and occupied by the Photographic Detachment of the 832nd Signal Service Company.

The effects on our way of life were profound with social & political influences felt today.

This innovative & immersive program takes place in a number of rooms, with attendees required to walk between scenes.



Tickets available now for this unique museum theatre experience, see below for the direct link.

Newstead House

The War Years – Americans at Newstead House

When – 2 May – 14 May 2017

Tickets – Eventbrite link here

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Enquiries – Manager Jennifer Garcia on 0417 177 965