I LOVE flowers and was recently spoilt when a delivery of a very beautiful and very large bouquet of flowers from Lori Italian Flower Designers arrived at my home. Sunflowers, lillies, agapanthus, chrythusanums, delphiniums, asters and gum encased in sweeping green fern and all elegantly tied with black satin ribbon

Lori Italian Flower Designers are new to Brisbane and this is their story..

After attending university in Italy we realised our passion wasn’t in our degree but in flowers. 

So in 2008 we studied under Europe’s leading florist, an Italian Fiorista by the name of Chicco Pastorino, and we both excelled under his tutelage.

We opened our first florist in our home town of Spoleto, about an hour north east of Rome, an ancient city steeped in tradition and full of beautiful architecture, we named it Lori, after our beautiful mother. With people realising we had been trained by Europe’s most famous florist, our shop started to become busy and we decided to open a second shop. 

In 2011 we won 1st prize at Euroflora, which is one of the world’s leading florist competitions and we started to become very well known for our bespoke wedding work. 

In 2013 the financial crisis affected everyone in Italy, with banks being sued by companies, citizens and even the government, the country was no longer a place where many people including ourselves could operate a small business and so we planned to move to Australia. 

We chose Brisbane as we believe we can offer something only seen at this stage in Melbourne and Sydney. We have again named our new business after our amazing mother and will be bringing all our skills and experience from Europe with us.”


Lori Italian Flower Designers create beautiful bespoke flower arrangements with flair and European elegance. Remember Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.